Friday, December 1, 2006

St Joseph Center is moving from 4th & Rose!

Rose Ave. Alert!!!

Learn how this change will affect our neighborhood!

SJC is moving their Day Services Center from Rose Ave. to their old Thrift Store on the SE corner of Lincoln and Flower. Is this good?? Is it bad??? The Bread and Roses "restaurant" at 6th and Rose will continue to serve "clients" who come up from the beach and their permanent facility is now under construction on Hampton. I understand that the SJC street and alley patrol, that has been very effective in making things much better in our neighborhood, will be continued after the move and should be expanded to cover Lincoln between Rose and Millwood. We will see.

None-the less, the people east of Lincoln, in Penmar, are not all that happy about the move and will need some help in the form of input as to what to watch out for, as well as which programs and mitigations really worked.

Many of the Penmar folks are recent transplants to Venice and had no idea that this conflict has been going on on Rose for over 15 years. Please give them a hand.

Thanks in advance for your help and concern .......

Rick Feibusch
former editor
Venice WatchDawg

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