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The City of Los Angeles has lost control...

We not only have the "shopping cart" homeless but we also have the "mobile homeless"..

Health Department states that they do not see a problem?

All of these people use our streets and alleys as their TOILETS and DUMP TRASH!




From the Venice WatchDawg:

  • Criminal Campground Expanding Rapidly On Rose Ave.
  • Urban Campers Rule The Streets,
  • Rent Rolling Condos to the Homeless
  • The Neighbors Sacred
  • Crime and Drugs, Health Hazards
  • What is Going ON?


Residents are tired of words - we want some action ...

Dear Readers,

This growing situation is not acceptable!! Why are the truck/camper dwellers given a free hand in development of their own on-street campground here in Venice?

Now they are even charging rent and building a fleet of mobile condos!! We know that they are selling drugs out of the campers as well because drug buys can be seen on a daily basis.

Isn't it interesting that the campers have been eliminated on Washington near "Stinky Lagoon" and minimized on Venice Blvd. yet allowed an "acceptable" location on Rose Ave!!!

That means that this problem IS enforceable to one extent or another - as long as someone wants to do something about it!! Why it worked on Venice and Washington, Why is this let flourish on Rose Ave???

Why is this allowed to go on by LA City authorities and the DOT day after day? The handicapped stickers should not count for more than three days - the air polluting generators that drone on nightly to power the TVs and Dish reception systems should be illegal. The gangster tactics of the "organizers" should also be examined.

  • The Council Office should be ashamed of themselves for not doing anything about this!! Eventually a resident is going to get hurt and the city will be responsible and legal actions will be taken.
  • What ever happened to the Overnight Parking Ordinance that would have eliminated much of this???
  • The DOT (parking enforcement) should be reprimanded for not doing their job! They know what is going on yet turn a blind eye to the nefarious activity.
  • The shopping center management should be ashamed of themselves, as well as Sav-On, Big Lots, and The 99 cents store. We should be boycotting this shopping center completely until something is done about this!

  • When will this nonsense stop!!!

    Below you will find an interchange between an un-named resident (afraid
    of reprisals from the ex-con gangsters who are running the street show) and our Venice COD Deputy.

    Rick Feibusch
    Venice WatchDawg (still watchin")


    Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 18:04:52 -0800
    From: "JL on 7th"
    Subject: RE: OPD
    To: "'Mark Grant'"

    Hi Mark,

    Thought I would give you an update. Home sick on Monday. Could not
    park on the correct side of the street for street cleaning because of 8

    RV's and vans and station wagons with full time residents set up on the street. No room for my car. Got the ticket. The next day, when I could move my car and luckily got a space, some of the car dwellers were stuck on the wrong side. So they raise their hoods, tell the officer their car is broken and viola, no ticket. Two of the RV's even have expired license plates. No tickets. I've got human feces on my alley by my house. I mean, where does one go to the bathroom if one lives out of a car. My trash is a mess because, you guessed it, where does one put their trash when one lives out of a car.

    The guy who runs the show over at the RV park at 7th and Rose, he now rents RV's out and spaces on the street. That's right, a slum lord renting out street space. Maybe the Councilman could collect some taxes? He currently has three "tenants" who have assigned spaces right in front on my house. Oh, and if you don't think these guys are ex cons and dealing and using drugs, then you really haven't gotten outside enough. Every time we leave our home, there they are staring at us. Every time we come home from our jobs, there they are staring at us.

    Things are only getting worse. The sad part of it is I am now looking forward to the option of selling my house, mainly so I know my tax dollars are not going towards paying Councilman Rosendahl's salary. It's getting pretty tiring over here Mark. Where does the Councilman live? I may look there - I bet there aren't any issues over there.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: Mark Grant []
    Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 9:54 AM
    To: "JL on 7th"
    Subject: RE: OPD

    Hello JL,

    Sorry about just getting back to you. I see you wrote me last Wednesday
    evening. Today is my first day back from a trip back east, to

    Let me say that I have also brought up the fact that these RVs sit
    along the streets for much longer than 72 hours. What Parking
    Enforcement has informed me is that the ordinance states that the
    vehicles need only move 6 inches to constitute "moving from the same
    spot" after 72 hours. The officers will chalk the tires and then the
    vehicle owners will move them for those few inches. Yes, I know this
    sounds crazy, but it's a ruling that came as a result of an action by
    the ACLU.

    Maybe you could get a group together to have yourselves represented by
    the ACLU so that they can lobby on behalf of the regular tax paying
    citizens. Just a thought.

    Mark Grant
    (Venice Deputy, Council District 11 - Bill Rosendahl)

Dear Watchdawg

It's not just your neighborhood, it's here is Penmar as well. Only here they have dispersed to a level of several mobile homes per street, except at Penmar Park where it is Fort Apache, circle the wagons around the entire perimeter.

Mobile brothels, drug markets, convicted criminals, crazy people, and major public health hazards, that's it in a nutshell. What parent can tolerate used condoms, used hypodermic needles, convict parolees, molesters, feces, urine, and trash that attracts rats and other vermin.

Where and when are we living, in Charles Dickens London just prior to a major disease outbreak, or the black hole of Calcutta? What is wrong with our Councilman Bill, the City Council as a whole, and the Mayor's office. Did they ditch their mandatory health class in college? Don't they get it, or are they so intellectually lazy or just plain lazy that they won't find a real, viable, solution?

Most of these urban campers use the facilities at St. Joseph's Center.

Free showers, laundry, and 2 square meals a day with no mandatory registration or consequences. Who wouldn't use those free urban camping facilities? St. Joseph's has told the neighbors to stay away from these urban campers and labeled "homeless" as the overwhelming majority of them are described by St. Joseph's as seriously mentally disturbed.

So we must rely on the police to make contact with them. That works if there are any police available. Last week one of our neighbors was assaulted by a longtime St. Joseph's prostitute client. Luckily a police officer was there and intervened, The St. Joseph's client was arrested
sent to jail but was back on the street the next day even though it was learned that the prostitute is on probation for Federal drug violations.

It was also learned that the two police units involved in the arrest constituted two of the three entire police force on patrol in Pacific Division for that daytime shift. Imagine that, our Councilman and his acknowledged longtime good friend Rhonda Meister, the Director of St. Joseph's tell us to contact the police and to not make direct contact ourselves with these "crazy" urban campers and labeled "homeless" and there exactly three police cars on patrol for the 350,000 residents of Pacific Division to perform all needed police tasks.

The Councilman and Ms. Meister know full well what the current police deployment situation is in Pacific. Does anybody else see the insanity and dis ingenuousness of this?

Remember Chief Bratton pulled 60 officers from Pacific to bolster patrols in other higher crime areas as is his prerogative, but it still leaves us in Pacific in the lurch. We deserve honesty.

Wedeserve better than this! We deserve no conflicts of interest!


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