Saturday, February 10, 2007

Response to your 2-8-2007 article

Although the community did appreciate Rosendahl setting up the meeting, we were insulted by his comments to a group of us just prior to the event when he said indignantly, "this is a done deal."

We naively thought it was going to be an opened minded discussion, but Councilmen Rosendahl designed it to be just window dressing and to "throw out a few bones" to appear to be concerned for the community. He was just trying to cover his behind, but unfortunately, it's fully exposed.

Councilmen Rosendahl careful orchestration of this center, under the stealth of night, without community input, for almost a year, should scare every neighborhood in every corner of Los Angeles.

Venice SONIC (Save Our Neighborhood's Integrity Committee), is organizing a public debate in order to discuss some very specific issues regarding the homeless, the Los Angeles City Planning process, and what would be appropriate services to offer in our neighborhood. We will be inviting Councilman Rosendahl and Saint Josephs. Hopefully they will attend our meeting just like we attended theirs.

Andre de Montesquiou
California Chicken Cafe

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