Thursday, January 18, 2007

Marijuana Clinics in Venice/MdR area

LA Police Commission Community Meeting

When: January 23rd 6:30 pm

Where 7166 W. Manchester 90045

Special Guests:

Chief Bratton, Councilman Rosendahl and the LA Police Commission

This is your chance as a community to voice your concerns and let the City know Pacific Area is alive and cares.

This is an article from the Los Angeles times By Patrick McGreevy, Times Staff Writer from January 16, 2007
Bratton cites opening of 94 medical marijuana dispensaries in L.A. in a year and calls for rules to regulate the facilities.

State laws have been 'exploited and abused for both profit and recreational drug use.'
L.A. Police Chief William J. Bratton Concerned by a 2,350% increase in the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles in a one-year period, Police Chief William J. Bratton is calling for a moratorium on new facilities until strict rules can be adopted governing them.

In a report to the Police Commission, Bratton said he wants to ban existing dispensaries within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks and places designated exclusively for the care of children. He also advocates limiting their hours to 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The establishments are allowed under a 1996 state ballot measure and a more recent state law making marijuana available to patients by prescription to relieve pain or nausea.

Bratton said the number of dispensaries increased from four in November 2005 to 98 a year later.

"This has fostered an increase in … crime problems and caused quality-of-life issues for families and communities, as evidenced by the 110 complaints received from neighbors, business owners and concerned citizens concerning these dispensaries," Bratton's report states.

The Police Commission will consider his recommendations today.

Los Angeles Police Department officers have been called to clinics because of problems including robberies, burglaries and drug use in front of the clinics, Lt. Paul Vernon said. Without regulations, he said, officers are hamstrung.

In the absence of specific zoning rules, 12 of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles have opened within 1,000 feet of schools, Bratton said.

"One clinic blatantly resorted to placing fliers on the windshields of vehicles parked in and around Grant High School in an obvious effort to entice children," Bratton said.

"This was not the intent of the voters when they passed Proposition 215," the chief said.

Read the complete story here.

A list of Marijuana Clinics in the Venice and Marina del Rey area. It seems there are 4 locations along Lincoln Blvd. in Venice.

• Alternative Caregivers Discount Dispensary - 122 S. Lincoln Blvd. #204, Venice (877) 219-3809. Open M-Sa 12-8.

• Supplemental Organic Solutions, Inc., 328 S. Lincoln Blvd, Venice (866)-SOS-5141 Open 11-7 daily.

• Venice Beach Care Center, 410 Lincoln Blvd, Venice (310) 399-4307 Open M-Th 12-7, F-Sa 11-10, Su 11-7.

• Ironworks Collective, 4100 Lincoln Blvd Venice/Marina (310) 305-8425 Open 10-10 M-Sa; 11-6 Su.

• Marina Caregivers, 3007 Washington Blvd. #225, Marina Del Rey (310) 574-4000. Open M-F 11 am - 11pm; Sa 12-10; Su 12-8.

• Venice Beach Wellness Collective, 1501 Pacific Ave, Venice (310) 980-4418 Open Tu-Su 12-7.

• Herbalology Collective, 1811 Ocean Front Walk #D (in front of Muscle Beach), Venice (310) 823-2909 Open 11am-10pm daily.

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