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by tyallison on Feb 07, 2007 -

The term NIMBY is thrown around irresponsibly since the media has begun using is as a catchphrase. If concerned citizens express themselves, which last time I looked, seemed to be a part of the democratic process, about issues close at hand, those on the other side try to nullify that expression by calling them a NIMBY.

If a comunity in East LA says they are fed up with gangs and drive by shootings, are they NIMBYS? Here's the situation. St. Joseph's, which is supposed to have a good neighbor policy did nothing to inform or work with the immediate neighbors.

Venice has opposed many developers but when St. Joseph's went ahead without talking with the community that practice seems to ok with many in Venice who would oppose other projects. I live a couple of doors off of Lincoln, close to this proposed center. Lincoln corridor has a unique set of problems.

It has had a long problem with prostitution, pimps and others who associate with them. Often they are right around our homes, in our driveways, etc. We have seen a huge increase in meth and crack use around our homes, last summer behind my house I had a constant stream of
drug deals going on. From Vernon for a couple of blocks down to Rose we have had a huge increased in drug dealing, many of whom move around quickly now on bicycles.

  • We have a methodone clinic here already which has created a ton of problems.
  • We now have 4 marijuana clinics on Lincoln wihtin a few blocks.
  • We have an enormous availability of alcohol aong this stretch, putting a center in proximity to this is questionable.
  • We have a large regular group of homeless service resistant individuals who are regularily around our homes, drinking, doing drugs, defecating, etc.
I personally have had my life threatened by homeless, had someone try to stab me, was attacked in broad daylight right next to Rite Aid on Lincoln, have had full bottles of beer thrown at me, and regularily clean up human feces and trash from my property.

We had recently had two incidents of men trying ot go over our walls, one into the property of a single woman, the other over the fence of a family with two very yound children. And all this during a time when our area has lost the number of police by 35 officers, often there isn't more than one patrol car for a huge area, the police don't show up when called.

And keep in mind that while Rosendahl talks about how great Santa Monica's programs are, but they are in commerical and industrial area, St. Joseph's is putting this RIGHT next to single family homes. And remember that the head of the board of directors for St. Joseph's said that he wouldn't want this on his corner.

So call us NIMBY's, but until you've lived here in our shoes, you might consider what labels you try to stick on people.

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