Monday, April 9, 2007

"NO Parking, 2 AM to 6 AM Nightly"

Mr. Rosendahl council district 11 signed the following resolution:

The City Council, pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 80.54 hereby establishes an Overnight Parking Distrct at the following locations:

  • Valita Street from Vernon Avenue to Lake Street
  • Flower Avenue from Lincoln Boulevard to Sunset Avenue
  • Vernon A venue from Lincoln Boulevard to Valita Street
  • Indiana A venue from Lincoln Boulevard to Vailta Street
  • Lake Street from Lincoln Boulevard to Appleby Street

Upon approval of the Overnight Parking District through the adoption of this
Resolution, the Deparent of Transportation be directed to post the following parking restriction throughout the Overnight Parking District:


The Department of Transportation (DOT) is to initiate the necessary procedures
to prepare, issue and collect payments for Ovemight Parking Permits from the residents ofthe affected neighborhood in accordance with LAC Section 80.54, where the following permit conditions wil apply:

  1. Maximum of 3 Resident Permits per dwellng unit at $15 each per year.
  2. Maximum of 2 Visitor Permits per dwelling unit at $10 each per four months.
  3. Maximum of 10Guest Permits per dwelling unit per day at $1 each per day.
  4. Sales of Guest Permits in excess of 25 per dwelling unit pei Jay require written approval of Council District.. (CD) 11.
The issuance of more than 25 one-day Guest Permits for the same day to a single
dwelling unit shall require submittal to DOT of prior wrtten approval ofthe Council Office representing the affected residents of the OPD; and

The Department of Transporttion be directed to take the appropriate steps to prepare, issue and require payments for permits from the residents of this OPD in accordance with Section 80.54 of the LAMC

The Departent of Transportation shall collect payments derived from the sale of parking permits to residents of this OPD and remit these funds to the Treasury of the City of Los Angeles for deposit into the "Overnight Parking Program Revenue Fund"

Read the Resolution here:

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