Monday, April 23, 2007

We Deserve Better than this!

In the interest for fairness and our desire to present the truth, this blog and the VeniceSONIC

Save Our Neighborhood's Integrity Coalition
website has been available for the St. Joseph Center to respond or comment to some of our content on this blog or the website.

Comments should be sent to this blog or the website and we will post any response to this growing problem in our neighborhood.

No comments have been submitted as of this time.

This conflict with St. Joseph's and the neighborhood has been going on for 15 years just ask the folks West of Lincoln and the Rose Avenue Working Group. They have documentation of the problems going back many years.

SJC stated that they felt that 70% of their clients had some form of mental illness and they expect to serve 80-120 "clients" a day!

How would you like to have almost a 100 Mentally ill People visiting your next door neighbor daily?

Then roam around on your streets, sleep, urinate defecate, yell and scream, leave trash and human waste for us to clean up?

For us to listen to?

For us to have to call Police?

We Deserve Better than this!

On December 1, 2006 we posted this alert from Rose Avenue Group. And now that St. Joseph's been in operation for a full week we are starting to find out how this operation continues to affect our neighborhood. Folks it's not a pretty picture!
Rose Ave. Alert!!!

Learn how this change will affect our neighborhood!

SJC is moving their Day Services Center from Rose Ave. to their old Thrift Store on the SE corner of Lincoln and Flower. Is this good?? Is it bad???

The Bread and Roses "restaurant" at 6th and Rose will continue to serve "clients" who come up from the beach ........

.......Many of the Penmar folks are recent transplants to Venice and had no idea that this conflict has been going on on Rose for over 15 years.......

If you have encountered a problem with the St. Joseph Center and / or its clientele, please contact us

We call ourselves VENICE SONIC.

SONIC eloquently articulates what we are all about:

Save Our Neighborhood's Integrity Coalition

We are dedicated to stand up for the safety of our families and the quality of life we deserve.

We are concerned, frustrated, and incensed by the political games played by Bill Rosendahl.

We are not fooled by the lies and empty promises told by Rosendahl and the Saint Joseph Center.

We are spreading the word inside and outside of our community on the incompetence and the immorality the City of Los Angeles has shown in dealing with the homeless problem.

We are compassionate to those less fortunate and those who need help, but we are not naïve to the realities, ineffectiveness, and the disregard for the community Saint Josephs showed for many, many years at 4th and Rose.

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