Friday, May 11, 2007

The community voices opposition

Ms. Lattimore, I am a homeowner in Venice.

Recently St. Josephs Center, aided by Councilman Rosendahl, snuck a homeless services center into my neighborhood. St. Joseph's representatives have stated that 70% of their "clients" are mentally disturbed.

The original permit was for an office at Lincoln & Flower. When the community protested that this type of center was not an office and was not proper in any residential community the Department of Buildings, at the last minute, changed the permit to allow the present use.

Venice has a long history of supporting community services and I am in agreement with this history. However, we are presently overburdened while other communities are not doing their fair share. I seek your assistance in getting dangerous instrumentality that the St. Joseph Center is removed to a proper location.

The impending harm to my community is real and it is approaching. St. Josephs was a bad neighbor in it's prior location and needs to have this type of service center in a non-residential area. Your assistance is most appreciated.

Arthur Kessler

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