Wednesday, May 30, 2007


We Care!

On The St. Joseph's Homeless Service Center at Lincoln & Flower

Saturday, JUNE 2, 2007
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Downtown Los Angeles On North Hope Street
Between 1st & Temple

The St. Joseph ’s Center has moved in and is conducting business at Lincoln and Flower. It started out quietly, and they are carefully ramping up their business. Councilman Rosendahl has organized a Working Group with SJC representatives, friends of SJC, and only three members from SONIC, to try to come up with mitigating solutions to their presence.

After 3 long meetings, the only concession given by SJC is a slightly expanded trash pick up that is yet to be implemented. Much more needs to be done. SJC won’t even disclose to the working group their occupant load, how many employees they have, or how many clients they serve. They are operating in secret and behind closed doors.

They think we will go away. They think we will give up.

This is the time to step up the pressure. Come join us as we protest:

1 Their lack of sympathy to the neighborhood
2 The absence of a real “good neighbor policy” that they should have started 20 years ago at 4th and Rose
3 Their secretive methods
4 The inappropriateness of their operation next to a residential community

June 2nd is their big fundraising gala of the year. Hundreds of their supporters will be there with check books in hand. We need to send a message to their supporters that they should reconsider their support of an organization that operates secretly and is willing to harm a community.

Please call Carol at 310-664-8977 or Natasha at 310-210-6725
and let us know you will be coming and supporting our community.

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