Wednesday, June 6, 2007

a new admitted pedophile in the Pacific Area!

This is a news alert in case you did not see the CBS news last night.

THERE is a new admitted pedophile in the Pacific Area! V a Jack McClellan you can visit his website to see what he loves about the LA Area. His website was shut down and he left Washington to enjoy Southern California.

Unfortunately Mr. McClellan has not broken any laws and L.A.P.D. is unable to arrest him, but as parents, neighbors please know this pedophile is walking around Pacific with Camera taking photos of your kids and posting them on the internet.

If you think this is out of line check out his website or do an internet search, from swap meets, to beaches to any current public event, you need to be aware this pedophile is living in our area.

Please be on the alert, make sure your children know what to do if a stranger approaches them. Make sure you know your neighbors and keep your eyes and ears alert, for this individual. His current known address is in the Venice Area.

List managed by Pacific Beat

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