Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Mobile Street Dwellers in Venice

Claudia Martin is our Venice area LA City Neighborhood Prosecutor. She is working with our LAPD Senior Lead Officers, Heidi Llanas, Theresa Skinner, and Robin Richard to try to help Venice clean up our continuing problem of illegal RV's/campers/vans/vehicles parked on our city streets and used as living quarters.

She is asking us to help her. We need to witness these acts and document them and then report them to her as she is creating a running log of these acts for use as evidence as cases come up when arrests are made.

If you wish to help in this endeavor, the first thing to keep in mind is
We are witnesses not enforcement people.

Ms Martin is asking concerned citizens to record and email her at:


The following information would be helpful concerning people lodging in their RV's and other vehicles:

  1. license plate number.

  2. vehicle description.

  3. street address location.

  4. description of person(s) living in vehicle.

  5. detailed information of activities.

  6. time of activities.

  7. if the vehicle has moved, does it have a schedule?

  8. how long has it been parked in this location?

  9. as much other pertinent information as possible.

A couple more things:

  1. Ms Martin is asking us to become witnesses. That means putting our names on our reports and being willing to testify if needed. You can still do anonymous reports to add to the data base. However actual witnesses carry much more weight with all city agencies involved.

  2. keep copies for your own records.

  3. reports from multiple sources are great, especially if they track the movements of the vehicles.

Ms. Martin had been doing and excellent job let's all help her help us.

Contact information:

Neighborhood Prosecutor, Pacific
Claudia Martin
Chuck Sewell
1645 Corinth Avenue, Room 103
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 575-8745

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