Tuesday, March 10, 2009

911 & You

9-1-1 is for Emergencies!

Non-Emergency telephone number is 1-877-275-5273

Metropolitan Communications Dispatch Center

The Los Angeles 9-1-1 emergency telephone system was implemented in order to provide quick and efficient help to those in need. The design is simply a 3-digit telephone number that can be dialed from any telephone, regardless of area code. It can even be dialed from a disconnected phone, and the call is always free.

The Los Angeles 9-1-1 system receives approximately 3.5 million calls annually. However, 60% of these calls are not emergencies. This has caused the system to become critically over burdened which poses a threat to us all. You can help by following a few important guidelines.

9-1-1 should only be used for an emergency. An emergency is a crime in progress and/or a life threatening situation requiring the police, paramedics of Fire Department.

Obviously, there are many other situations that require police response, but they may not warrant 9-1-1 calls. Direct dialing the 1-877-275-5273 for non-emergency situations will ensure police repsonse without overloading the 9-1-1 system. Think before you dial 9-1-1

If you do have a 9-1-1 Emergency it is important that you remain on the line, even if you have dialed 9-1-1 in error. When a 9-1-1 call is received, the address and phone number from where the call is originating automatically appears on the computer screen at the Communications Center. If you dial in error and do not remain on the line, the dispatcher is required to dispatch officers to the location provided by the computer to confirm that o emergency exists.

When you call 9-1-1 for an Emergency, it is important that you remain calm and be prepared to answer the dispatcher's questions. The "WHERE," "WHAT," "WHO," and "WHEN" of the situation you are reporting are extremely important. Sometimes it may seem the questions are unnecessary, or may not make sense to you, but there are good reasons why they are asked. Patience will help process you call and get appropriate help to you as quickly as possible.

Important Telephone Numbers for Non-Emergency L.A.P.D. Asisstance.

or dial 3-1-1

For routine City business and non-emergency services
Other useful numbers:
L.A.P.D. Pacific Division phone number: 310-202-4502
Black & White car dispatch: 818-734-2223

Abandoned Vehicles - 800-222-6366
Animal Regulations - 888-452-7381
Anti Drug Hotline (anonymous) - 800-662-2878
Bureau of Street Services - 800-996-2489
(street lighting, pot holes, bulky item removal, sewer, sidewalk & traffic signal repair)
California Highway Patrol - 323-906-3434
DWP - 800-342-5397
Graffiti Hotline - 800-611-2489

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