Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thank you Yo Venice

This comment came in from the owner of Yo Venice and we wanted to post it because they sum up some of the issues we have so well. As we posted many times before, it is quality of life issues for all of us, not just the residents but the homeless neighbors we have also. This is a health issue for us, all of us. We just would like to have a clean healthy and safe community.

"Yo Venice is my site. I also posted the following. What is your stance on the issue?

I don't think anyone in Venice really minds "the homeless" and wants Venice to be "whitieville" like the Palisades or Manhattan Beach. I think people mind transients that verbally and physically attack people, steal shit, and in general are not cool. If your neighbor played trumpet from 3-6 am you would be pissed. There is nothing wrong with trumpet players, its just when and how ya play the thing … if the new breed of transients were showing any respect to the community, rather than just trashing it, harrasing people, and fighting with residents, I dont think anyone would really mind them sleeping in the park or living in their trucks. Venice is a compassioante place and that is how all the homeless ended up here in the first place. But "as is" many of the transients are being "4 am" trumpet players and that has ta be shut down until they decide to play nice with the community and respect where they are.

What is happening here is not your down on your luck Woody Guthrie dustbowl era "could I sweep your sidewalks or wash your windows for a meal" homeless/ transients whom a community should try and help back up the ladder. This group by and large are spoiled brats that think you "owe them" something just for walking by them on the street. If you ignore them they may attack you. Screw that … it is time for them to go.

The homeless activists fight for the homeless that they think are being dehumanized. I am all for that, no one should be made to feel less than human. The problem is that this new group of transients is doing the reverse, they are dehumanizing the neighborhood of Venice, treating it like it just doesn't matter, and the residents here just don't matter to them. Everyone has the right not to feel marginalized and feel like their existence is respected by their fellow man … what you are seeing here in these forums is people that, while they may have a roof over their head, a computer to type on and some money to spend on dinner each night, .. are angry that the transients are in fact dehumanizing THEM, treating THEM with ill will and no respect. If the transients here can't respect "their neighbors" they should be dealt with by laws that are on the books … laws that were set in place to force disrespectful people to show some respect to others … and thats what these weekly writeins are about"

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