Thursday, November 30, 2006

Important Meeting

December 2, 2006

What Time:
10 am to 11 am


841 Flower Ave.
Venice, CA 90291

What's it about:
The New St. Joseph's Homeless Service Center

Located on the East side of Lincoln Blvd. Just South of Rose Avenue.

Who will be there:

L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosenthal

Captain Bill Williams
Pacific Division L.A.P.D

Senior Lead Officer Craig White
Pacific Division L.A.P.D

Representatives from St. Joseph Center


Your Neighbors

Bring your neighbor with you!

This is our chance to discuss the Homeless problems in our Neighborhoods.


veniceneon said...

Yeah, well we will see what spin Councilman Bill Rosendahl uses while he continues to sell Venice down the river in order to appease the cries for a solution for homelessness. This location is but one more band-aid approach to a long standing festering infection underneath.

He has already been caught in a couple of "misrepresentations" on this topic. I can't wait to see what "sirens song" he will be singing at this meeting.

Pity the poor woman who's home is less than 20 feet away from this proposed project.

Pity the other neighbors who will be under seige from this homeless center that is only open from 8-4 on weekdays only and kicks out the chronic "service adverse" homeless out into the community after they feed them without providing services and registration.

Enabling chronic "service adverse" like St. Joseph's has done for 16 years just makes the problem worse. Of course the more that stay on the street, the more money St. Joseph's gets from the government. Note, for the record, St. Joseph's is a multi-million dollar organization.

Members of the Venice Community said...

Thank you for your comment veniceneon, check back we will have updates!