Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some solutions to the Homeless issue plaguing us in the Venice Beach area.

Submitted by Rick Feibusch

Some solutions to the Homeless issue plaguing us in the Venice Beach area.

Stop letting the 501c3 non-profit social services count the homeless population. Non profits receive money based on how many people are "in need" of their services.

St Joseph's used to claim that they "helped" 36,000 homeless a year. Based on that number they were funded between $10 - 15,000,000 a year.

When SJC had to provide a verifiable success rate of their clients OVER A 10 YEAR PERIOD, the result was .08% (that's less than Ten Percent)!

When an official homeless count was conducted all over the country last October 2006, using a combination of service providers, the police and city officials, the results told another story.

For Venice? 134.
Yep - that's one-hundred and thirty-four "homeless" in Venice.

They found 1100 in Santa Monica who SM homeless officials openly say that they "share" with Venice. Downtown, where the figure 86,000 was constantly thrown around by service providers turned out to be UNDER 1000!!!

All funding was based on LIES!!!

Where have all of the $ millions and $ millions that already have been spent by all of these non-profits gone and what about the fact that there is no improvement???? On the contrary the problems have multiplied. They have enabled these poor sick individuals to help them stay on the streets.

Stop the revolving door policy, set limits. CUT FUNDING UNTIL THEY COME UP WITH REAL SOLUTIONS!

Look at the "homeless" as something different than a poverty based problem. Change the paradigm. Once you remove the alcoholics, drug addicts, crazy people, and the unemployable and un-housable ex-con criminal element from the poverty based homeless and abused women and children, there would be plenty of ways to help the true homeless.

The alcoholics, drug addicts, "crazy" and un-housable types of people should be nowhere near law abiding citizens and school children!

Stop LA City officials from shoving these problems down resident's throats. For 15 years St Joseph's was located a few blocks away from Lincoln Blvd. in Venice and the problem of homeless and street people including their clientele of chronic alcoholics, drug addicts and ex-cons have just multiplied and have brought on a multitude of problems in the Venice area!

We have had enough!

Now moving this disfunctional operation to Lincoln Blvd. will just make our already "crazy" over populated with St Joseph's clients even crazier and bring more of these problems to our neighborhood and we have to live with the consequences.

Read the attached/linked time line and see how Bill's office and other City agencies plotted against the residents and kept the information of the move secret until a sympathetic city official let the cat out of the bag late last year.

Love and charity has nothing to do with this - It is money for the administration of the poor - non-profit funding. If the homeless problem is solved how will St Joseph's raise the millions of dollars to help the homeless?

We do not want a "Skid Rose"

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sofner said...

I have been paying attention to this blog for some time now and have remained silent despite many inaccurate statements about the St. Jospeh Center homeless service center and much misinformation about the homeless problem in Venice. However, I cannot remain silent when you accuse St. Joseph center of misusing funds or being somehow dishonest in their methods. St. Joseph Center is one of the most reputable social service agencies in Los Angeles, and routinely helps people transition from being homeless to obtaining shelter and even permanent affordable housing. Without the aid of places like St. Joseph Center the homeless population would be much worse than it is now. You make it sound as if St. Joseph Center receives millions of dollars that they then throw away or misuse. The truth is St. Joseph Center, like many other non-profits, struggles to get by and help those who are in need.