Monday, March 26, 2007

What is the Solution?

Give us your opinions and suggestions what is the solution to the homeless problems we have in the Venice Beach area?

We all know the problems and we could go on and on and point them out but how about making a change?

Tell us how you would solve some of the problems!

We would like to hear from you eMail it to us:

What is the answer?

  • The health hazards to the neighborhood!
  • Using the streets as their toilets, public urination and deification!
  • The crime, drugs, prostitution, panhandling etc. the homeless bring with them!
  • The drug and the alcohol addicted "service resistant" habitual homeless!

  • The social services what could they do to improve their success rate?
  • Are social services solving the problems or perpetuating them?
  • More counseling mental health support?
  • More shelters and or low cost housing?
  • More law enforcement?
  • What could the city, the county do?

  • Something is attracting this element to our area what do you think it is?

  • What can we as law abiding compassionate neighbors do to help and solve some of these problems?

1 comment:

Ryan said...

Hand out cameras to the homeless and ask that they take pictures of their moments of inspired beauty throughout the day. Then publish the results so "the other side" has an opportunity to see life through the eyes of the homeless. Raises awareness, provides dignity, creates art for public viewing ... and maybe, just maybe incites one on one help for the homeless people locally which when successful, decreases homelessness.