Thursday, May 17, 2007

St. Joseph Center hiding their "Client" entrance?

Sister Judy, I cannot tell you how suprised and disappointed I was when walking past the Homeless Service Center at Flower and Lincoln to see a sign in your doorway stating that the "Client" entrance was in the rear (off the alley).

I know that one of the main things that was emphasized at almost every meeting I attended was that the neighbors to St Jo's did not want your clients lining up or entering your facility from the alley's that were adjacent to the homes in the neighborhood. We did not want your clients hidden from public view behind your facility where it is easier to take a drink of alcohol or indulge in drug use.

Why, after the problems you had in the alley behind your prior facility would you feel that this is acceptable. I can only feel that you do not want your clients to be seen by the general public that travels on Lincoln Blvd or that you do not want them to see any behavior by these clients that would reflect badly on your organization.

Carla Barrett

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