Sunday, May 20, 2007

We Deserve Better than This! a Neighbor comments.

We Deserve Better than This!

Whom does Councilman Rosendahl of the 11th District represent? When Councilman Bill Rosendahl issued his statement regarding Santa Monica not allowing dogs with Los Angeles tags in their new dog park (L.A.Times, May 3, 2007, Martha Groves, reporter) he revealed a sad truth about his representation.

In his protest statement regarding the exclusion of Los Angeles tagged dogs from the new dog park, Councilman Rosendahl said, “I have a responsibility to protect Los Angeles residents from unfair practices”. Does the Councilman perceive the dogs of Mar Vista to be his constituency?

Those of us who live in Venice near Flower Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard, and who have experienced his betrayal of concern, wonder. In Venice, Councilman Rosendahl has supported the interests of his “best friend” Rhonda Meister, in bringing the part time St. Joseph’s Homeless Service Center into a residential/commercial community under stealth of night.

Community members were not informed of the collusive plan between the Council Office and St. Joseph’s Center, there was NO PUBLIC HEARING nor public planning and to date, no appeal has been heard.

Does it not seem an “unfair practice” to Councilman Rosendahl that such a center- purported by Rhonda Meister, its Director, to serve a clientele 70% of whom are mentally ill-does this not seem an “unfair practice” to locate this Center where small children and the elderly live and where young people walk to and from school or are dependent on taking public transportation?

City officials stated in an ad hoc meeting on Homelessness on April 25th that the census on homelessness in an area is established primarily by the weight of trash in that area. A Homeless Service Center attracts more homeless for its services. We can verify that by the increase of trash in the area. Does it not seem an “unfair practice” to the Councilman that by the increase in homeless traffic, the increase in human waste and trash and the potential for communicable disease, he is endangering his constituents, their children, pets and the businesses that serve the community?

Please remember where Councilman Rosendahl’s priorities lie when it comes time to vote.

We deserve better than this , Councilman Rosendahl!

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