Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We're concerned in the Windward Circle area!

We will fight for the quality of life in Venice Neighborhoods!

We do not deserve this city of Los Angeles!

We LOVE Venice too.

From our neighbors in the Windward Circle area!

The more social disorder and graffiti in a neighborhood, the louder the message is sent that “nobody cares.” This sets off a vicious cycle that encourages further crime in affected neighborhoods.

That quote comes from the LAPD website.

We've had two incidences with the homeless on our street recently (Windward Avenue between Main and Cabrillo. Most people don't report things I've discovered. I do know the police were involved in both these events.

Two weeks ago a homeless man walked into an apartment (apparently not the first time he's walked in and stolen from this apartment. He was surprised to find that somebody was home and a fight broke out. The man was chased and apprehended a few blocks away.

Last week a homeless man asked a neighbor for money in the alley. The neighbor offered him food and while returning to his apartment to get food was followed, attacked, stabbed, slashed and robbed. The neighbor was OK after a trip to the emergency room. I don't know if the homeless man was caught.

We also have a homeless "shanty town" at the end of our street Windward at Windward Circle (directly west of the Postal Annex Fence). We have repeatedly tried to get the tents, garbage, defecation, and furniture moved but to no avail. We do not feel safe with this at the end of our block, but can't seem to get the city of LA to do anything about it.


PS: we have a cyber neighborhood association as well that we use to get things done. We've been battling graffiti with it. http://www.lovenice.org

Peace And thanks for your help in making Venice better.

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