Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some useful phone numbers.

First when should you call 911?

911 is used for Life Threatening Emergencies Only

  • A crime is in progress
  • You require medical attention and need Paramedics
  • There is a fire
  • Domestic Violence in progress
You can call 911 from a Cell Phone but the response time may be delayed, if you have an Emergency when ever possible use a Land Line for a faster response.
The Non-Emergency phone number for the L.A.P.D. is 1-877-ASK-LAPD or 1-877-275-5273
  • Loud Parties or other Disturbances
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Trespass or Loitering
For access to all city services for Residents of Los Angeles call 311
Los Angeles County Residents the number is 211

  • For Non Police related information
  • They will either provide you information or advise the contact information of the agency you should contact for your specific need.
Here is a useful number if you are stuck on the freeway and there is no call box and you do not want to leave your car. Call 399 from your cell phone.

  • This works from any cell phone
  • Live operator will connect you with either the Metro Freeway Service Patrol or your Auto Club
  • This is a non Emergency number for roadside assistance while on the freeway

Anonymous tip line for L.A.P.D. 877-LAWFULL or 877-529-3855


Graffiti problems, call Pacific Division Graffiti Solutions 310-204-2749
  • Pacific Graffiti Solutions will identidy the graffiti if it is gang related and reports are issued to L.A.P.D.
  • Be specific and have the exact street address and or cross streets and what the graffiti is on. ie telephone pole, garage door etc.

Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division front desk 310-482-6334

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