Friday, August 14, 2009

Please call 311 to report human feces!

Please call 311 to report human feces on the streets & alley ways!

They will take the report and also ask for the Department of Sanitation Watershed Division.

One of the residents did this recently and Inspector Lee responded in 6 hours!

They will clear feces from public areas and sidewalks, but not private property.

Remember, whatever is on the sidewalk and streets winds up in the storm drains!

UNTREATED human waste on the streets is an extreme public health risk to all of us!

We also recommend that you also the call the Department of Health at 800-427-8700 and file a report.

If you do call please follow up with an eMail and get the name of the person you spoke with, the date and the time. Creating a paper trail is really good, also if you have the stomach for it snap a picture and include it in your eMail. Most of us have cell phones with cameras and digital cameras, if you do not a throw away camera is very reasonable these days.

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

Please be vigilant in reporting to official agencies and let them know we have an extreme
and chronic homeless situation & human feces in in the streets of Venice. People living on the streets also use the streets as their toilet.

Keep track of your complaints.

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